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Investment Philosophy

Value Add Capability:

As an investment holding company we respect and support the capabilities of the management teams in our current investments.
We are not passive investors but together with management we drive strategic growth opportunities, corporate governance, transformation, empowerment and succession planning.


We seek investment opportunities in business that are leaders or have the potential to be leaders in the field of operation.


We are not restricted to any particular sector(s) except choosing sectors that have high growth potential and Sustainability.


Management with experience and a proven track record is key to our choice of investment for they carry the responsibility of driving the business on a day-to-day basis.


We capitalize on relationships that we have cultivated over the years by ensuring that we partner with Management teams and partners that share a common vision with us and who demonstrate a positive chemistry in the way we view opportunities.


We typically avoid start up businesses and focus on investment opportunities with approximately R50m NAV or R120m turnover and above.

"We Open Doors"