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Portfolio of Investments

Portfolio of Investments/

SEW Eurodrive SA (26%)


  • SEW specialises in the assembly and supply of transmission automation systems and products such as industrial gears, electric motors and gearboxes of all sizes. It supplies these products to a variety of customers including mining and project houses.
  • Turnover in excess of R370 million per annum.

Portfolio of Investments/

Masslift Africa (36%)


  • Masslift is the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi forklift trucks and warehousing equipment throughout Southern Africa.
  • Turnover in excess of R140 million per annum.

Portfolio of Investments/

Packsolve (Pty) Ltd (38%)


  • The group specialise in providing niche large scale packaging and handling solutions to the steel and industrial component manufacturing industries.
  • Turnover in excess of R200 million per annum.

Portfolio of Investments/

RMB Structured Insurance (15.4%)


  • RMB-SI provides specialize insurance solutions to a broad base of corporate clients.
  • Turnover in excess of R100 million per annum.

Portfolio of Investments/

Fidelity Security Group (10%)


  • Fidelity is the largest security group in South Africa, employing over 30 000 people. National-operations include guarding, armed response and cash-intransit services.
  • The annual turnover exceeds R2.8 billion per annum.